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10 Tips On How To Keep Your Dogs Cool During Hot Days

Tip # 1: Always provide your dog with a constant supply of fresh drinking water

dog drinking water

Dogs tend to get dehydrated quickly especially during summertime when it is much hotter compared to the other times of the year. Make sure that your dog has always an easy access of fresh and clean drinking water. If your dog does outdoor activities and will be in the heat for a specific amount of time, make sure that he has an access to a complete shade and again, a supply of drinking water so that he won't be dehydrated.


Tip # 2: Never EVER leave your dog alone in a parked vehicle on a hot day

french bulldog inside the vehicle

Your vehicle can easily become a furnace, even when the windows are open. Dogs left inside the vehicle can suffer from heatstroke which can be fatal,it can also lead suffering him from hypothermia. Your dog is also at a high risk of serious illnesses and even death, even the car's window are open, still it's very dangerous for your dog. It is also illegal in other states to leave your pets unattended inside a vehicle in hot place or weather. 

Tip # 3: Choose the coolest time of the day for your dog's daily exercise session

dog running for exercise

Take your dog outside for his daily exercise during the coolest temps on the day, preferably in the morning or in the evening. Always stay in the shade whenever possible and keep your dogs inside the house when it's extremely hot outside.

Tip # 4: Don't over-exercise your dog in the heat

dog lying on the seashore

Don't over-exercise your dog regardless of the time of the day. Prolonged periods of exercise in hot weather, even after the sun goes down, can result to heatstroke. Keep in mind that all dogs can get this but the flat-faced kind of dogs are even more prone since they pant less effectively compared to dog breeds with longer muzzles.


Tip #5: Take steps to keep your dog cool if he must be outside in the heat

3 dogs playing with the sprinkler

Play with your dog in the sprinkler outside or hose him down with cool water if he has to stay outside and cannot avoid temperatures that are higher than 90 degrees.

Tip # 6: Make sure your dog knows how to swim before he goes into the water

dog swimming in the water

Some dogs are not born as good swimmers. If you're taking your dog out for some swimming then make sure that your dog knows how to swim. Gradually introduce water to your pup. If you're taking him out for boating then make sure he wears his own floatation device. Even if your dog knows how to swim it's a bad idea to let them swim without you guiding them because there is still a tendency that he will get injured or worn out from exertion. The floatation device will keep him floating and insight in an area from where he is,until he is rescued. You can also attach a long rope to his life vest so you can easily reel him in.

Tip # 7: Keep your dog safe during summertime celebration

pug doing outdoor barbeques

Summertime is usually the best time for outdoor barbeques and other outdoor celebrations. Make sure that you keep your dog away from potential food and drinks hazards if you are to host a party like this in your backyard.
Also, keep your dogs safe at home during fireworks displays. Some animals suffer from extreme from the noise, and the explosives themselves can potentially be harmful to a curious pet.

Tip #8: Keep your dog off hot pavements at all times.

The ground is much hotter compared to air, and when your dog is in contact to hot pavements for a lengthy time, it not only results to burns in his tender paws, but your dog can also overheat quickly.

Tip #9: Avoid exposing your dogs to toxic lawn and garden products

Keep your dog safe from toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides that are commonly used during spring and summer months.

Tip #10: Use safe, natural pest preventives

Get help from a holistic veterinarian to avoid summer pests such as ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. Use safe, natural methods when preventing summertime pest infestations.


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