Where is Zenapet made and sourced?

Zenapet was made in America at an FDA approved facility. It was created to be a synergistic product with each individual ingredient blended together to become a stronger product.

How should I introduce a new supplement to my pet?

Do your homework and choose the supplement that’s right for your pet’s needs. Don’t overdo it with too many supplements at once or you can become confused about the results or any unusual reactions. Start with one or two supplements, then add more if they’re well-tolerated.

Why would I need a supplement if my pet is eating a healthy, balanced diet?

Today’s pet foods do an admirable job of providing balanced nutrition, but certain animals may be lacking nutrients and ingredients based on their medical condition, age or breed. Supplements can help bridge the gap and help promote better health.

Are human and animal supplements the same?

No, dosages and ingredients can be very different for animals. Additionally, some of the natural ingredients routinely used in human supplements can be toxic to animals, even though they have no adverse effects on humans.

Can Zenapet be given with other supplements and/or medications?

It’s always best to ask your veterinarian before using supplements and medications concurrently. Most food-based supplements are safe and can be used with many medications. Ask your holistic veterinarian for advice on combining supplements with medications. 

How should I give supplements to my pet?

Always follow the manufacturer’s suggested usage on the packaging. Many pet supplements are designed to be palatable and can be hand-fed or put onto their food.

How long until I see results from my pet supplements?

With Zenapet you can see results in as little as 2 to 3 weeks.

Is Zenapet suitable for both dogs and cats?

As for now it's best to only give it to your dogs. We are in the progress of formulating another supplement just for cats. Please sign up to our newsletter if you want an update on when we will release it to the public.