About Zenapet

Our Story

Zenapet is a community of pet parents and pet lovers, just like you, that value the lessons in loyalty, patience, and love that our furry friends have taught us.

Pets love us unconditionally; they even believe that their love is a cure. But how many of us have tried to love our pets out of bad health? Sometimes, no matter how much we love our pets, they just need a little more from us to ensure they’re living their best life.

We know that our health benefits significantly from superfood supplements and we’ve experienced it firsthand. This raised the question of why not give our furry loved ones the same advantage, so we did.

At Zenapet, we use nature’s bounty to strengthen our pets’ natural defenses so they can better cope with any health challenges and stay happy and healthy longer.

Because They're Family

Being a pet parent means proudly having thousands of pet pics on your phone. And knowing that having fur cover everything you own comes with the territory. And we will happily discuss our pet’s cute and funny behavior with anyone who will listen.

Let’s be honest, we’re a bit pet obsessed. Family comes in all breeds and when you want to give your family the best, you choose the healthiest ingredients possible to nourish your pets from the inside out.

Our Promise to You

When we talk about giving you the highest standards, we don’t just mean the highest pet standards, but rather the same quality you would expect for yourself.

That you can feel good about giving your fur family our pet supplements in the same way you feel good when they come running to greet you at the door. 

This is our promise to you. To continue putting our best paw forward and never stop nurturing the loving bond between you and your fur friends.