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About Zenapet

A Community of Pet Parents

A Pet Parent can easily identify another Pet Parent by the way they interact with their furry friends. There is an instant observable bond that can be seen and it is this bond that inspires us to give the best to our extended furry families.

As fellow Pet Parents, we understand the overwhelming uncertainty that can come from choosing the best brands for your dog. We felt the same way until we decided that we could develop our own products that we knew would help support a healthy lifestyle for our dogs.

How to Improve Upon the Best?

We looked at the top brands, from Blue Wilderness to Iams, from Wellness to Hill’s Science Diet and thought how can we improve upon these great brands? How can we include these great ingredients, but also include better support for our dog’s immune function?

We dug a little deeper and discovered some powerful superfood ingredients that humans have been benefiting from for years, and thought, why can’t our dogs benefit from these ingredients as well?

What Makes Zenapet Different?


Derived from blue-green algae this superfood helps to increase the protein levels in the body, which in turn, help those, including dogs, to boost their immune system. It is also high in iron, beta-carotene, and vitamin B-12, all essential to help improve your dog’s overall health.


You may be familiar with the belief that a glass of red wine every day is good for the heart, that is in thanks to the resveratrol found within the skin of grapes from which the wine is derived.

Now, obviously dogs cannot consume the many antioxidants found within this compound in the same manner, but the compound can also be found in Japanese knotweed, an herbaceous perennial plant native to East Asia.

By including this compound in our food, your dog will receive higher levels of antioxidants to fight off damaging free radicals that can age the body of your favorite four-legged friend, as well as increase her alertness and give her energy a boost.


A soluble fiber that gives the immune system a lift. When this fiber is absorbed it activates immune cells that help to target and trap foreign invaders that would otherwise do harm to our furry friends’ overall health.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder

Dating back centuries to when the Chinese and the Japanese originally used the mushrooms for their amazing immune-boosting properties, we know when there is history in an ingredient there is truth in its beneficial beliefs.

One of the most researched medicinal mushrooms, this ingredient is rich in vitamins and minerals which in turn help to boost the immune system and fight off foreign invaders. We take the nutrient-packed fungi and grind them into a powder to include in our products.

Dogs who suffer from a broken down immune system will benefit from the antiviral effect these mushrooms have as well as the ability to extend the life of a pet that may be experiencing poor health due to a debilitating disease.

Putting Our Best Paw Forward

At Zenapet we will tell you what is in our products, we believe in providing natural ingredients with complete transparency. We will also go above and beyond to ensure that the highest quality ingredients go into our products for your highest quality furry friends.

Here, we share in the kinship we have discovered with others like you, by not just being pet owners but welcoming our pets as part of our family. We want to ensure that we always put our best paw forward and welcome you to reach out and share your stories with us.

Please make sure to follow and share in our journey, it will help us to get the word out about our great products and help ensure that your four-legged friend will always receive the best.

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