About Zenapet


Zenapet is a community of Pet Parents and Pet Lovers that value the lessons in loyalty, patience, and love that our furry friends have taught us. The inspiration for Zenapet came when we found shared experiences in the caring of our pets. From allergies and infections to more severe health conditions, providing a better quality of life for pets can be a huge and often costly challenge.

Simply, Zenapet develops products that support healthy and active pets by utilizing natural, transparent ingredients.



Your pet’s quality of life is our focus. We cherish all that our pets bring to our lives and we want to help Pet Parents return the favor.

Our goal is to nurture the amazing bond Pet Parents have with their pets, by providing a platform to purchase high quality, all-natural products, discuss experiences, share photos and stories, swap advice, and celebrate our 4-legged pals!

Healthy Ingredients + Transparency = Better Life Quality = Piece of Mind