Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder for Your Dog (And Why You Need to Know!)

Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder for Your Dog (And Why You Need to Know!)

We all want our dog to be healthy, to get enough exercise, enough love, and a proper diet that includes real food. After all, we want our dogs to be with us for as long as possible, don’t we? And if our dog is sick and we know that conventional medicine isn’t enough, what are we expected to do?

Something that you may not have considered before, likely because you may not have even heard of it (before now), is the benefits of turkey tail mushroom. I’m sure you have a lot of burning questions, so let’s get down to business and tell you all that you need to know.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms Powder– What Is It?

First off, the powder comes from the dried form of the mushroom and is named, according to Draxe, after the distinctive pattern of stripes that align its top, much like the tail of a turkey. The striped colors include red, orange, brown, and even some blue to form concentric circles.

These mushrooms are not new to the world, in Chinese culture, they have been brewing them in teas for centuries and are also known as turkey tail fungus. Their qualities are not a hidden secret of the Chinese, Japanese people also use these mushrooms to help boost their immune system, only they refer to them as “cloud mushrooms” because they believe their pattern resembles that of swirling clouds.

You can find them on dead trees in the forest where there are plenty more than you might have imagined; they actually grow in colonies. They have small pores that release spores- and unlike similarly shaped mushrooms- they don’t have the gills that make them as recognizable.

Benefits Turkey Tail Mushroom for Dogs

What Are Their Attributes?

Nutrients for Your Body

First, let’s talk about the nutrients that go far and wide with these beauties. Oragnic Facts notes that they are rich in vitamins and minerals, specifically potassium, niacin, and riboflavin. To add to this, they also have pantothenic acid, phosphorus, and copper.

With regards to the first three richer nutrients, potassium is a natural salt, it helps the heart, muscles, and nerves. Niacin helps to lower the bad cholesterol that often creeps into our body, while riboflavin, also known as B₂, is used as a dietary supplement and to help treat migraines.

They are fat-free, low in calories, and once they have contact with the sun they soak it up like a sponge to give you the benefits of vitamin D.

How Does Consuming Them Work?

Understanding how this works is crucial to understanding why you should add them to your diet, and to your dog’s. At Healthy Focus, we learn that these particular mushrooms provide your immune system with an influential improvement.

The turkey tail mushrooms contain polysaccharides and B-glucans inside of their cells, and when you consume the mushrooms, whether steeped in water, as a powder added to food, or otherwise, they interact directly with your small intestines, or what we are focusing on today, that of your dog’s intestines.

Essentially, they are viewed as a natural adaptogen; what this means is, they help the body deal with stress factors, they help boost your immune system’s health and encourage energy within.

What Are Their Benefits?

Let’s first acknowledge the many benefits they have for human conception; more recently they are used to help treat cancer patients, Huffington Post discusses further the ins and outs of using them for this purpose if you care to learn more.

But they also can help with cold and flu, help improve your digestive health, and are known to be fighters against viral infections. That being said, even if humans are consuming them, and have been for centuries as previously mentioned, can they be used to provide the same benefits for your dog?

If you’re like us, you wouldn’t feed your dog anything that you wouldn’t consume yourself. So, let’s dig a little deeper with regards to this seeming miracle mushroom and how it relates to your furry friend.

Which Dogs Need it?

Initially, when the results of a study first came out to discuss the benefits of turkey tail mushroom powder for dogs, there were both questions and skepticism. Pathwith Paws discusses giving this compound to dogs suffering from hemangiosarcoma, a highly invasive form of cancer that typically occurs in dogs.

With the use of this mushroom, it is believed that a dog’s life can be lengthened and the overall quality of your dog’s life will be improved as a result. That being said, there is no restriction to using it if you just want to generally boost your dog’s immune system, if she’s willing to consume it and you can afford the cost, then it doesn’t hurt to try.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Benefits for Your Dog

As we can see in the article on Nurse Your Pet there have been studies that have discovered that dogs who received a high dosage of turkey tail mushroom extract lived longer than dogs who received chemotherapy.

Keep in mind that your dog does not have to be a cancer sufferer to reap the benefits of the turkey tail mushroom. This holistic approach can benefit all dogs, or cats for that matter, in a variety of ways, according to Pettao.

First off, the turkey tail contains beta glucan polysaccharides, as previously noted, which may help to reduce bacterial infections. The mushrooms also help fight off viral infections and can be used in preventative measures.

They contain prebiotics, these help in growing good bacteria in the body, which, in turn, helps fight off the bad bacteria in your dog’s body. If you want to hear some more news on the benefits of giving mushroom supplements to your dog, (although this many discusses benefits specific to dogs with cancer) this video is worth the watch. 

Where to Find Turkey Tail Mushrooms?

First, you will have to decide which manner you prefer to give to your dog. Do you believe that she will be willing to take them in a pill form, or would she eat it as a powder mixed in with her food? Make sure to discuss with your veterinarian the amount that your dog should receive, which will be based on her size and overall health.

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In pill form, you can find some capsules of 500 mg or extract of Turkey Tail Mushrooms on Amazon. Or if you would prefer in powder form order some from us. If you are wondering what the difference is between an extract and a powder, then this video will help set you straight.

How to Give Mushrooms to Your Dog

Nurse Your Pet discusses the various ways you can get your dog to consume the product. If it comes in a loose powder, chances are your dog will only ingest as much as she wants, the taste will come through more in this form.

With the powder or extract, you may get your dog to consume it if you blend it with some less intense flavors or other less intense mushrooms. However, if purchased in a pill form, you will likely get more into your dog but will face the problem of having to get your dog to eat a pill.  

Your best option is to start off slow with the turkey tail mushroom powder. Try mixing in a teaspoon to a tablespoon twice daily, make sure you read the dosage amount before administering.

Give Your Dog a Holistic Approach

Overall, we have learned the benefits of turkey tail mushroom powder and what they can do for your dog. Not only are they immunity boosting, but they are also viewed as helping give dogs a fighting chance against disease and cancer.

Before you decide to go this route, however, make sure that you recall the following:

  • Understand what it is along with its benefits
  • Talk with veterinarian and see if it is right for your dog
  • Select the type of dosage you would like to give
  • Know the proper dosage to give to your dog

Do you have experience with turkey tail mushroom powder that you would like to share? Do you have any questions? Drop us a line and let us know what you think.

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