Pet Owners Find Supplements For Dogs To Be Helpful With Their Allergies

A business in Southern California, which is known for its supplements for dogs, which are available on Amazon, has revealed that two dog lovers had used the company's Immune Support Product for dogs with positive results. The two dogs are named Harley and Piper and the owners noticed improvements in the dogs' overall health that may have been due to the supplements. Specifically, the two animals suffer from serious allergies, which they now seem to be able to manage better after being given Zenapet, the Immune Booster for dogs.

Spokesperson Caren Collins says: "The owner of the two dogs have stated how they used our supplement on their dogs who suffered from allergies. For Harley, the symptoms included dry flaky skin, deep pink colored ears, scabs on the back from scratching, paw chewing, and more. His owner stated that while her dog is not actually cured and may suffer from environmental allergens the rest of his life, the Zenapet supplement gave her hope because Harley's immune system seems to be stronger and his discomfort has been minimized."

It has been observed that when it comes to supplements, dogs react in a way that is almost similar to humans. Dogs are affected by different external and environmental elements. Various chemicals and pollutants can be a common culprit for allergies and suppressed immune systems in dogs, for instance. Thus, it has been suggested that dogs like humans need to build up their immune systems.

"Our supplement contains Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, Beta-Glucan, Spirulina, and Trans Resveratrol (Japanese Knotweed)," explains Caren Collins. "It should be pointed out that our product is not designed to cure dog allergies, but rather to boost the dog's immune system. It is therefore the dog's immune system that can be helped by the product in fighting the allergies."

Meanwhile, Piper who rarely goes outdoors was suddenly found by her owner to have started scratching. This had resulted in the formation of scabs on her belly and the lower base of her back. Her dandruff also appeared to be out of control. Her vet gave a diagnosis of environmental allergies and she was given antibiotics and medicated shampoo. Later, the owner heard about Zenapet and gave the natural dog supplement to Piper and it appears that the dog no longer has allergy symptoms.

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