Zenapet Boosts Your Dog’s Immune System to Fight Off Allergies

Zenapet Boosts Your Dog’s Immune System to Fight Off Allergies

Suffering from allergies can be an uncomfortable experience for anyone. But did you know that pets can suffer from allergies as well? Allergies that can cause them to experience reactions such as scratchy rashes, itchy ears, ear infections, and yeasty paws.

These symptoms can affect your pet's quality of life. But if you're like us, you want to take care of your pet, to give her the best quality of life possible; one that is free of allergies.

Zenapet is a dog support-immune booster supplements; it contains ingredients that help keep your dog's immune system in peak form and has a formula that is believed to also help dogs who suffer from allergies.

The Creation of Zenapet

When Zenapet was first created, we set out to provide a quality product that would help support your dog's immune system, with ingredients like Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, Spirulina, Beta-Glucan, and Resveratrol.

Each of these ingredients has shown great benefits in the world of health and nutrition, where humans frequently believe in their benefits and add them to their own diets. Feeling skeptical? We hear you, so let's take a general look at these four ingredients and how they are perceived in the health world today.

Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom

Draxe discusses the many advantages of Turkey Tail Mushrooms and how they are full of antioxidants and have great antibacterial properties. These fungi, found on fallen dead trees, have been used for centuries, and go back to the 15 th century when the Chinese and Japanese used them for their amazing health benefits.

Health benefits that include helping to treat and prevent the common cold, aiding in proper digestion of food, and may even help with viral infections. One of the biggest beliefs, as Draxe discusses, is the support it provides to the immune support system and thus, in turn, it may be able to combat various forms of cancer, in humans and in animals alike.

Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina , also known as blue-green algae, comes from tropical lakes and is possibly one of the oldest life forms around, according to Health.com. Its benefits are many; it's high in protein and also contains high levels of vitamins and minerals.

Due to its high levels of nutrition, it is advertised as a way to help boost the immune system of humans and animals, reduce fatigue, and fight allergies. According to Peter Dobias, Spirulina helps to absorb heavy metals and other toxins, which is necessary to keep these toxins and infection out of the immune system, and thus help to fight off environmental and food pollutants.

Benefits of Beta-Glucan

Beta-Glucan has been a more recent discovery, according to Better Way Health, immunologists have known of its benefits for about 50 years. To understand how it works, watch this cute video below to show the general idea of what Beta-Glucan can do for your (and your dog's) immune system.

It is essentially a fiber, which as we all know fiber is good for our bodies. But this particular fiber, as acknowledged by Health Line believes that it helps improve the health of our hearts. Once again, it is also believed to boost the immune system, and thus, in turn, helps to fight off infections, disease, and other health conditions.

Benefits of Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a bioflavonoid antioxidant, it comes to us from a variety of plants and foods. What is believed most about it, is its ability to stop the aging process; Draxe discusses these benefits in further detail.

Humans can find Resveratrol in a variety of foods, from wine to dark chocolate, grapes to dark berries; by consuming these foods it is believed that the high level of antioxidants helps to fight off free radicals within our bodies.

Now, here's where the tricky part comes, animals, dogs, for example, cannot consume many of these foods; ASPCA.org warns pet owners with this informative post. That being said, there is a plant, known as Japanese knotweed that is high in Resveratrol and is perfectly safe to give to your dogs, which is what Zenapet uses in their special formula.

Once again, the consumption of this beneficial food product, combined with the other key ingredients listed above, helps to boost the immune system and thus help fight off diseases, low energy levels, improve cognitive health, and combat environmental allergies.

A Powerful Combination

If each one of these superfood ingredients can do its part in helping to boost your dog's immune system individually, then imagine the benefits of the ingredients combined when wanting to treat your dog's allergic reactions.

According to Dog's Naturally Magazine, "allergy symptoms appear when the major organs required to detoxify the body are overworked." The article further goes on to discuss the resulting symptoms of a lowered immune system; symptoms such as free radical damage, inflammation, and the inability to fight off foreign toxins in the body.

Now, recall the benefits of the four key natural ingredients discussed above; a healthy immune system, antioxidants that help fight off free radicals, and the ability to absorb toxins from the body, and thus fight off environmental and food pollutants.

The article continues to describe that conventional methods, such as medication, don't solve the issue of allergies in your dog. In the end, they simply work "at suppressing the entire immune health function with steroids, both systemic and topical."

The end result is quite scary, you have a dog that is dependent on medications that don't work, she starts to suffer from other diseases, and her immune system continues to be suppressed, leaving her unable to fight against anything.

All of this is counter-effective to what she actually needs. She needs an immune system that is healthy, that is boosted with naturally sourced ingredients, and one that is not going to suppress her overall health. A powerful combination that includes all of the superfoods in one spot and that is specially designed to help her body.

But Don’t Take Our Word For it

Sharing our experiences is what helps us to connect with others who are facing the same issues. When we have a positive experience, we want to let others know, because we understand what they are going through.

Having to watch your dog suffer from allergies, trying all forms of medication to no avail, are experiences many of our Zenapet customers have experienced in the past. They watched as their dog continued to have allergic reactions, weakened immune systems, and overall a lack of energy.

Then, they tried Zenapet, and here are some of their amazing reactions.

Yvonne shares her experience with her dog Mojo, and how Zenepet has helped with her dog's dietary and environmental allergy.

"He was in constant pain from itchy rashes, yeasty paws, and ears which would often lead to ear infections."

After using one jar of the immune-boosting formula,

"his skin rash has cleared up, itching and licking have been minimized and his ears look pink and normal."

Rabberdash who's dog suffered from chronic ear infections hated seeing their dog suffering and moaning from the pain. After he ate Zenapet for two months, both ears were clean,

"no black exudate, no redness, no swelling! And he actually stopped digging at his ear two weeks ago."

Final Reminders

When your dog suffers from allergies, wanting to help her with her suffering, whether it is itchy paws, ears, rashes, or worse, is your first priority. Knowing what steps to take should always be first discussed with a professional veterinarian. They watched their dog continued to have allergic reactions, weakened immune systems, and overall a lack of energy.

But when medicines and conventional methods don't work, it may be time to consider other approaches to treating your dog's allergies. Recall the benefits that Zenapet and its four key ingredients including herbs have to offer.

  • Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder - immunity booster, fighter of viral infections, helps to properly digest food
  • Spirulina - high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Boosts immune system, increases energy levels, fights allergens and toxicities
  • Beta-Glucan - healthy fiber that boosts heart health, function of immune system, helps to fight disease
  • Resveratrol - an antioxidant vitamin that fights free radicals, helps improve cognitive health, and increases function of the immune system.

The combination of these four powerful superfoods is believed to provide your dog's overall health with a variety of benefits, including that of reducing the negative effects of dog allergies and even aiding in preventing them.

Your dog's health is our number one priority. If you would like to know more, have questions to ask, or just want to share your own experience with Zenapet, we invite you to get in touch with us.

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